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There is an Unknown Nature to this world...

...and that's just the beginning.

"Humans-B-Gone!" is a 3D animated sci-fi horror comedy about intelligent giant bugs and the bizarre world of plant-based technology, mutated animals, and messed-up physics that they inhabit, written and produced by Rev Storm and narrated by Professor Gregorsa.

The story follows Rose, a tarantula who comes to work for a mantis named Sophodra at Humans-B-Gone, a pest control company specializing in vertebrates - or "gubs". Under the controlling eyes of the ants, they hunt down pests - vertebrates of all shapes and sizes, up to and including humans.

Still, everything is not quite as it seems, and as the story goes deeper...

This wiki is dedicated to organizing and making information on anything that is canon in Humans-B-Gone! accessible to anyone who may wish to seek it out. We welcome any who may wish to add to it, or aid with making pages clearer and more informative - help is always appreciated, and there's quite a bit to compile. We hope it serves its purpose well.

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